Increase your intake of these foods:
Ø Anything made of natural whole grains: brown rice, buckwheat, wheat, barley, millet, rye, maize, including bread, cakes, puddings, biscuits and cereals.
Ø Locally grown, seasonal vegetables, especially root vegetables (excluding those mentioned below).
Ø Wild vegetables and herbs. Ø Locally grown fruits (moderately). Ø Dried fruits, e.g. cherries, raisins and sultanas.
Ø Soya bean and mung bean shoots.
Ø Seaweed.
Ø Nuts, preferably roasted but not salted.
Ø Low fat natural yoghurt (soya natural yoghurt is even better). Ø Honey (sparingly).
Ø Herb teas and China teas.
Ø Grain milks, rice milk, soya milk and coconut milk.
Ø Home made fruit drinks from local produce. Ø Vegetable margarine and oils (e.g. unhydrogenated sesame and sunflower oil). Ø Scrambled eggs or omelettes, or better still just the yolks. Ø Natural sea salt, sesame seed salt and soya sauce. If necessary: Ø Prawns and shrimps (but not crabs). Ø Low fat white fish. Ø Wild bird, e.g. pheasant and pigeon. Ø Free range chicken and turkey. Ø Cottage or vegetarian cheese and skimmed milk. Decrease your intake of these foods: Ø Refined and processed foods. If it contains any colourings, preservatives, flavourings or other chemicals – DON’T EAT IT! Ø Any grain foods that have been processed such as white bread and anything made from white flour. Ø All deep-fried foods. Ø Coffee, alcohol, tobacco, chocolate and other sweets. Ø Spices, rock salt, mustard, pepper, vinegar, pickles and curry. Ø Red meat such as beef, pork and lamb. Ø Red fish such as salmon, mackerel, shark, tuna, swordfish and whale. Ø Sugar (especially refined white sugar). Ø Ice cream, artificial jellies and synthetic fruit juices. Ø Potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, rhubarb and spinach. Ø Concentrated meat extracts, soups and gravies. Ø Lard or dripping that comes from animal fats. Ø Any bird or fish that has a lot of fat tissue. Ø Milk, cheese, butter, dairy yoghurt, boiled or fried eggs.Home The Tao T’ai Chi Ch’ang Ming Diet Diet Sheet


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